August 14, 2010

Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris

Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris is available in this site under the title contoh teks pidato bahasa inggris. as the time goes on and i don’t really have enough times to create more teks pidato bahasa inggris, i would give you some direction on how to create good text speech or in Indonesia,this is the useful advice especially when you have to perform the speech in some speech contest or in “lomba teks pidato bahasa inggris”. we call this “cara membuat teks pidato bahasa inggris lengkap dan bagus”. It isn’t not that hard to create good content for speech. You just have to give more attention in some of these point:

  • create good opening speech or “pembukaan teks pidato bahasa inggris”. the opening speech should be short and take only few minutes. make a communicative opening speech instead of very long opening speech. a communicative speech will make your audience linked to your speech and thus it is the first step to achieve good result. if you make a very long opening speech for “teks pidato bahasa inggris”, you will be surprised on how bored your audiences with your speech. if you perform the speech in the last sequence or you were the last participant, your audience might be “already going home” if you make a very long opening speech. just make a short communicative opening speech in “teks pidato bahasa inggris”.
  • Give clear statement and description for your speech. the content should be clear and have the good supporting statement. give your vision while at the same times point the audiences to the statement that is acceptable for them. the common mistake when performing speech are giving bad description and with the wrong statement. if the statement is not well known, don’t use it and use the other. do not use the statement from the ‘blacklisted people’. by the meaning blacklisted people were the people who have been blacklisted in some area. please take a note. blacklisted person in some area different from the others. the example is avoid using a statement from the communist while you were performing speech in the Islamic community. if you perform the speech in Russian, you could use it. so it depends on the area.
  • use the example to improve the value of your speech. in order to make your audience understand with your speech, give them an example which understandable for them. this is the step that will give you more added value to your speech. this could be your weapon to win the speech contest. how could? listen to this story. I have done it multiple times in my life and it never failed me. the example is necessary because not all of your audience and even the judges will fully understand with your speech. the different educational background might be different each other. so the example will gave the clear idea of your speech. please take this suggestion. USE THE EXAMPLE FROM THE OBJECT OR SUBJECT AROUND YOU. this is a must. you will get more points than your competitor if you gave the audiences the example from the people around them. an example is like give the example of good hearted people by showing the audience the people from their community that is well known for social activities.
  • last, you could describe your opinion at the end of the speech as the traditional method or you could give the audience the option which is not acceptable for them but we pretend to give them the option. the example is like as “fresh air for your family or watch them sick because of the poisonous air” at the smoking speech.

I believe the three advice are more than enough at this time. though there are 11 points in my mind. let’s discuss about it later. by the way, you should know this crucial factors while performing speech (I realie it while I’m at UNIROW):

  1. know your weakness. you should know what you don’t really understand about the content of your speech to overcome the problem which will happen from it.
  2. limit yourself. don’t over do it. if you know a something, don’t just tell them but explain in the right order and limit yourself from describing the unimportant things from your speech even if you really like to speak about it.
  3. charm looking face. well, without it you will end up in the prison (kidding guys). you should show your charm looking face based in the content of the speech.
  4. speak as the content of the speech. you don’t need to speak like a commander to the troops while you were delivering an islamic speech like as in idul fitri or in indonesian it is teks pidato bahasa inggris in Idul fitri. so speak as the content.
  5. Use the simple dress but reflect your speech. if you were delivering speak about batik, use batik at the speech. if the judges do not allowed it, bring a batik handkerchief. this is great to raise the points.

Actually i don’t really have the times to describe the points above. make TEKS PIDATO BAHASA INGGRIS isn’t that hard right?. i will give more description later.Unirow is calling me. feel free to ask me whatever you want. it is better to ask now than to regret it later. you don’t have to make an English comment. use your own language. so Speak now or…. (kidding ^_^).


(this is based in my own experinces. feel free to share your experince with all of us)

Moch Rifai
Moch Rifai

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